Auto Solo Championship 2023

Auto solos are ideal for novices across all areas of the sport. Competitors just
need a standard road car that is taxed and MOT’d. All vehicles must be driven to
the venue, there are no trailers allowed.
The test layouts should be simple and all-forward. Competitors shouldn’t need to
use reverse gear or their handbrake so bear this in mind when creating a test
Simple tests mean the events are easier to marshal. In fact, some are selfsufficient in that competitors carry out marshalling duties while not competing.
You can split competitors into three groups: while Group A compete, Group B
marshal and Group C enjoys a break. When it’s time for ‘all change’, they swap
How do they work?
The test is laid out at a sealed surface venue using plastic pylons or cones.
Competitors tackle the test one at a time and try to complete the course as
quickly as possible without hitting any markers. At the test finish, they must stop
at the line.
Penalties are incurred for hitting cones, failing to stop at a line or for taking the
wrong route. Competitors can tackle a number of tests with usually two or three
attempts at each.
The driver with the lowest accumulative time (including any penalties) is the
Organizers should provide competitors with a test layout so they know what route
to take. The pylons/ cones can also be numbered, aiding competitors should they
get lost around the course. Some clubs also use smaller ‘guiding’ cones to show
competitors which side they should pass the numbered cones
Auto solo Dates 2023 are available here Championship Dates
Final word
Auto Solo’s are a great cheap day out for those with an interest in motorsport.
Events typically cost between £30 – £40.
Why not give one a go in 2023?


Bridge Street
Port Sunlight
CH62 4UP


Lyceum Social Club
Monday Evenings


ONLY £17.50

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