Bill Turner Honorary Membership

For any of you that know Bill, you will of course know that over the years he has had a huge involvement with the club, and has had much input to the running of the club. As of last month he stood down from the committee due to the lesser requirement of Radio Equipment.
Not wanting to loose such a long term, valuable member, the following letter was sent from the chairman, Gary Marriot, to Bill….
“Dear Bill
With respect to your e-mail following this years Promenade Stages Rally in which you tended your resignation from the Club Committee positions held, the Committee have now met and sadly agreed to accept your resignation.
May I please take this opportunity to pass on sincere thanks form myself, and on behalf of the Committee and membership as a whole, for the years of commitment and dedication you have given to the club.
The current membership does not include many individuals who have been so active in the club for so long and who have committed as much time and effort as you have, and all for one goal, the benefit of Wallasey Motor Club.
In light of your continued dedication to the club the Committee have agreed unanimously and would like to grant you an Honorary Membership in recognition of all that you have done over the years, and hope you will accept this offer as a small token of our appreciation.
Here’s to another 30 (noisy!!) years of WMC Membership
Yours Sincerely
Gary Marriott
Chairman Wallasey Motor Club Ltd.”

The following is Bills reply, that he also wished to be published….
“On December 2nd.I received a letter from our Chairman, Gary Marriott, offering me Honorary Membership of Wallasey Motor Club which I was delighted to accept.
To join the other Honorary Members of the club is an honour and privilege which I know is not offered lightly by the Committee and I will do my very best to uphold the proud traditions of the position.
It was not without a great deal of thought that I came to the decision to stand down from the committee but at my age a lot of the physical tasks are now beyond me, however I will continue to help in any way I can to promote Wallasey Motor Club as one of the best in the North West of England and beyond.
May I wish Wallasey Motor Club every success in the future and I look forward to being with you to celebrate the club’s Centenary in 2029, if I am privileged to livethat long. (I would be 90).
Best regards,


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