Cancellation Tour of Mull 2010

Cancellation Tour of Mull 2010

See below a note from the chairman of the organising club:
At a meeting on 4th March, Committee members of the 2300 Club decided unanimously that the Tour of Mull will not take place in October 2010. The decision will not be re-considered. Enthusiasm in the Club has been hugely reduced by the serious and potentially life-threatening problems that were
encountered before, during and after the 2009 event. There exist unresolved safety issues that expose both competitors and organisers; the competitors to risks beyond the natural hazards of Mull, and the organisers to possible litigation, which seems to be the way of the world these days in the face of the most innocent of intentions.
Furthermore, the organisers have grown weary of the increasing number of negative and critical comments about their running of the event. Recent publicity has elicited huge support for the Rally, and that support is acknowledged and the Committee is very grateful for it. Sadly, it has at the same time given voice to our detractors and those who think they know better how to run the Tour of Mull.
Each member of the Committee is an unpaid volunteer, pursuing a hobby at huge cost in both time and money. The organisers make, and have always made, a massive effort to put on the very best event of which they are capable. They are proud of the fact that The Tour of Mull is very highly regarded as a Motorsport and social event. There have always been problems and criticisms of one sort or another. Now the Committee


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