Club Communications

Going forward Wallasey Motor Club will be using the Sportity App to assist with all Club communications.

The Sportity app is a digital info board that keeps all event or club related
information in one place and well structured. Any new information reaches all
users instantly with push notification.
Why are we using it?
• Easy to use – just download the app and enter a password and all event
information is at hand
• All information in one place and well structured
• Documents are available also offline.
• No need to enter any personal data or create an account, just enter
password and log in.
• Uses very low amount of data transfer.
To access Wallasey Motor Club on Sportity you must be a member of the Club and password details will be provided with confirmation of your membership.

If you need events adding, comments or require assistance please email


Bridge Street
Port Sunlight
CH62 4UP


Lyceum Social Club
Monday Evenings


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