Navigational Scatter Rally Information

WMC Nav Scatter Championship! If you want to get out on a Monday night, for a bit of fun, team work and competition, here’s a quick low down on how our Navigational Scatter Events run.

First you need a car – a road car – stage rally prepared cars are not allowed, and the past round winning cars have been a Vectra Diesel, VW Pheaton, and Volvo V40 diesel, so no specially prepared cars are needed (you must have Tax, MOT and Insurance) and you need a driver with a Valid UK License and a Navigator on which there are no restrictions. You need an OS map of the area (about £7 each), a basic roamer for plotting (£5) and a good torch. In addition, crews must be WMC members and an MSA Clubman license is required – this license is FREE!

Upon arrival at the start you will be given a sheet with 20 OS Map references, at each of these references is a control board with a letter or number and each carries a points value. You have 30 mins to plot the references and work out a route to get as many points as possible (more plots doesn’t always mean more points).

After that 30 mins plotting time you have 90mins to drive and get the plots you have decided to go for, making a note of the control board at each location to prove you have visited, points are deducted for incorrect boards, so no guessing. Following that 90mins there is an allowance for up to 15 mins lateness, though each minute over the 90 (up to 15 late) does incur a penalty – if you are more than 15 mins late, then unfortunately you are OTL and excluded from the results.

The winner is the crew with the most points gathered! Its a really fun event and is great for driver and navigator to practice their communication and team work, or even give the usual navigator a chance at driving. All Nav Scatter events are covered by an MSA permit, and all crews are subject to UK driving Laws.

If you want more info, or fancy having a go, drop us a message and we can help you get started – even run you through the basics on a regular club night if you are new to this type of event. We have crews partaking in the cars already mentioned, plus we have had a Land Rover Disco and even a Vauxhall Combo van take part in the past, so whatever you drive day to day is all you need!


Bridge Street
Port Sunlight
CH62 4UP


Lyceum Social Club
Monday Evenings


ONLY £17.50

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