Trackday’s are Amazing!- Andy Davies

Trackday’s are Amazing!- Andy Davies

I have been in motorsport over 32 years, I know what you’re thinking an old f**t your right. But you’re never too old to learn, I started in 1980 road rallying an excellent experience and for the next 10 years. Moving into Stage rallying forest and single venue, again excellent experience, in 1997 my day job involved standing in front on classes teaching students and a colleague of mine suggested with my experience in motorsport, coupled with teaching skills a good grounding to help him out instructing on trackdays. Not a problem I said when and where Cadwell Park I will meet you there, and the rest is history as they say.
Trackdays are friendly, welcoming and very well organised they cater for beginners, all trackdays have sighting laps behind an instructor which gets the day off to a nice smooth start, you are allowed to take passengers too. They take place at all circuits throughout the uk and Europe usually weekdays during the summer and weekends in winter months, prices range from as little as £79 fantastic value when you can get as much as 250 miles around Oulton Park. 
It’s an opportunity to drive you your road car to its potential in a controlled, safe, fast environment and not a speed camera insight. There are refreshments, fuel and sometimes support shops at all venues, a great meeting place for people with the same interest. I have visited most of the circuits in the UK taking part or instructing an the varied array of vehicles is always wide and interesting, you will always find some race cars using the opportunity to shake down or test new cars. At O/Park last year we had the company of the current Honda Touring Car Team, we often see Ferrari Challenge and Porsche GT3 cars testing alongside us guys in our Clio 172 and BMW M3’s.
It is becoming more common to see Rally Cars now as venues are limited to test for rallying, there are usually garages available which you will find a great opportunity to entertain any would be sponsors or friends and family. Incar cameras are allowed and there will be a professional photographer on all day. You will start the day signing on so you do need a valid full driving licence followed be a briefing by the organisers then sighting laps behind the organisers car then it is an open pit lane which means you can go on and off track as you please. There are rules and regs too which are in place to keep everyone safe and accident free, if you have ever wondered what it’s like to drive your car on slick tyres then you can there are no restrictions on tyres.
I am available to give advice: Andy Davies or 07974497953.


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