Calling all Marshals!

Please come and marshal on the Promenade Stages Rally on 9th / 10th September.

If you’re not competing and want to be involved and be closer to the action then why not register as a Marshal.

Marshals are needed on Friday afternoon for Scrutineering, Friday evening for the first 2 special stages and all day on Saturday for the remaining special stage action. If you are a registered marshal please remember to bring your Motorsport UK card with you.

We aim to sign on around 100 marshals in order for our event to be as slick as usual, so if you would like to help on the Promenade Stages Rally then please contact sign on using the Rally Stage Team facility, or if you have any difficulty contact the Chief Marshal, Steve Price by email: or on mobile 07814 953346.

As a marshal you not only get a goody bag but will also be entered into our superb marshals’ prize draw.

Everyone is welcome and no previous experience is necessary as all marshals will be briefed and anyone who is not experienced will be ‘buddied’ with experienced marshals.

If you are interested in marshalling for the first time either make contact with the Chief Marshal or come along to one of our club meetings on a Monday evening at the Port Sunlight Village Social Club to find out more about marshalling and other ways to be involved in motor sport.

Motorsport UK Marshals Registration
Following some high profile incidents the Motorsport UK has introduced new safety rules in order to secure the future of British Rallying and some of those changes affect you as event marshals.

For 2019 marshals need to be accredited by completing some on-line training which is described below. For information, you only need to do this once, it will not be part of future ongoing annual renewals. But remember – when you have competed the accreditation, remember to also register as a marshal with the Motorsport UK and get the recognition you fully deserve for the contribution you make to rallying. The Motorsport UK will send you a marshals pack and your official marshals card.

If you are not an accredited Motorsport UK Marshal, then registration is not compulsory but you will need to be ‘buddied’ with a registered marshal.

Volunteer marshals are essential for the safe and efficient running of our rally – without you our event would not run.

Please come and help us and, if you want more information, we will be happy to talk to you about Motorsport UK registration. Contact Amanda Baron at:, or the Deputy Clerk of the Course, Pat Marchbank at:

Motorsport UK Training Modules
To complete the Motorsport Rally Marshal Training: Go to the Motor Sport UK website and log in as either an existing customer or, if you are a new customer, ‘Register with Motorsport UK’.

If the process does not automatically take you to the on line training link then it can be accessed from and click on the Marshals; Sign-up Today option and follow the training prompts.

Just follow the instructions and complete each of the three modules by reading the background information first and then completing the individual assessments in order.

When you have successfully completed the assessments, you should receive an email from the Motorsport UK about completing the registration process.

The courses are not difficult, in total they take about 45 minutes and if you have difficulty with any module you can simply retake it.

Whilst we encourage you to take the training module, whether or not you decide to, you will still be briefed on your duties and we will be extremely grateful for your help.
Please come along and help to make the Promenade Stages Rally 2022 a great event.

First on Scene

As a competitor it is essential to know what to do if the unexpected happens. Please take a few moments to watch the Motorsport UK First on Scene video below:

Promenade Stages Rally News

8th September 2022

Live Results and Livestream

The live results for this years Cataclean 40th Promenade Stages are available here The Livestream for this years Cataclean 40th Promenade Stages is available here